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for stoneprocessing

 Manufacturing diamond tools since 1988
  CJSC Novator Is based in 1988 year. And for today is one of the conducting manufacturers of the diamond tool for building industry and stone processing on Ukraine.
   CJSC Novator offers in assortment the diamond tool for stoneprocessing, construction, repair of roads and mechanical engineering.
   For manufacturing diamond tools we use high quality diamonds of "De Beers company", appropriate to diamonds of the marks SDA45+ - SDA100+.
   Used effective methods, developed and patented by CJSC Novator, allow to provide optimum operational parameters of the tool depending on a kind of a processable material and conditions of processing.
   Quality of the saws is provided with application of cases by a diameter up to 3500 mm of german manufacturer "Heinrich Mumenhoff" and cases of saws of own manufacturing, which on the physic-mechanical properties and geometry meet the European standards.
   Qualified experts of CJSC Novator are ready to give the customers exhausting advices at the choice of the optimum characteristics of the tool, and also to develop new kinds of the diamond tool for increase of efficiency of technological processes.

Our coordinates:
Verbovaja str., 8-a, Kiev, 04073, Ukraine
tel. +38 044 426 8877
fax +38 044 430 7404
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